A healthy mouth with Halamid®


Halamid® is sometimes surprising us when it concerns its possible uses. Recently a new consumer product based on Halamid® was launched in Brazil: an anti-septic toothpaste. Approved by local authorities this product shows that Halamid®, when properly applied, is a safe ingredient for this type of use.

…and Ketjenflex® for better dental care
Dental cavities are an ever returning potentially painful issue (unless you have a prosthesis of course). To fill the cavity or treat the root a dental cement is used that may include Ketjenflex® 8 as an additive. In the two pot system used, the catalyst paste contains about 40 % Ketjenflex® 8. This paste is used in a 1:1 ratio with the base paste. Its primary role is to act as a carrier for the other catalyst ingredients. It is a unique application of the solvating characteristics of Ketjenflex® 8. This same function is also an important reason to use Ketjenflex® 8 in the production of coatings and inks.