Dedication to Sulfo Products

Axcentive – the outcome of a Management Buy-Out of Akzo Nobel’s Sulfo Products Group – provides specialty products based on sulfonamide chemistry. We have extensive knowledge about production technology, applications and marketing. We keep and continuously expand our toxicological data and registrations. We supply our products worldwide under the Halamid®, KETJENFLEX® and KETJENSEPT® brand name.

We’re a long-established business that started in Amsterdam in 1835 with the construction of a sulfuric acid plant. Since then, numerous Sulfo products have been developed, including the raw materials for our current portfolio of chemicals and saccharine, the well-known sweetener.

Changes in markets and production technology have shaped the contours of our current product range and manufacturing locations. We are responsive and developing with our market which is reflected in our product portfolio.


Longstanding manufacturing arrangements

Our strategy is to establish partnerships with manufacturers who specialize in production and can thus maximize cost–efficiency. Axcentive’s technology and manufacturing support guarantee consistent high-quality chemicals, for which we establish, check and improve specifications in line with market requirements. Our main production partners are at least ISO 9001 certified. Several of them comply with ISO 14001, 18001 or 28001.

We design and, in many cases, also supply packaging to our production partners.This guarantees that transport and handling directives are adhered to and that packaging stays in compliance with what is required by Responsible Care programs, packaging covenants or global directives such as GHS.

Axcentive and Product Ownership
We possess know-how on manufacturing and applications; we take care of registrations and classifications based on our proprietary data; we set our own product quality and packing specifications and last but not least we are an independent market player. From raw materials, manufacturing technology and regulatory affairs to logistics, sales and technical service, we remain committed to the highest standards of Product Ownership.



On the go! Axcentive’s vision

We will continuously renew our portfolio and ensure a balance of established product/market combinations and new products in growth markets that add value to our business.

We seek a higher level of sustainability for our business.
This commitment means:

  • The strive for minimum pollution of the environment by our products and our activities
  • A continuous enrichment of our portfolio with products that are safe for all stakeholders and improve labor conditions and conditions of use.
  • Our preference in using the most environmental friendly production process and foster our production partners to use a sustainable process

Our production will continue to be outsourced to dedicated partners on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. We work closely with long term manufacturing partners with capable management who are susceptible to the realization of our objectives and changes. Where needed we will urge a change in mentality in order to comply with our vision.

The world is our territory and we will expand our local presence in growth areas.

We seek a fundamental stable growth from within or via acquisitions and joint-ventures

We operate on a sound financial basis, ensuring continuity to all Axcentive stake holders

We employ competent open-minded personnel and avoid routine activities, allowing continuous personal growth to every single employee. Outsourcing of activities allows our organization to remain of human size.

We will be loyal to our own rules of conduct.


Product Ownership™ is a rich package offered by Axcentive to its customers, comprising first class logistics, (technical) customer service, QA/QC, regulatory support and a professional, dedicated and accountable marketing team.

Technical support and knowhow

Due to our background and history in Akzo Nobel’s former sulfonamide business, Axcentive has extensive knowledge about markets, applications and production technology.
Our thorough knowledge of the market we are in and our products makes us the ideal partner to supply you technical service when required.

Another part of our job is to help customers develop new applications using our products. The conditions of use may differ, but aspects of the functionality of your new product have probably been applied somewhere before. That’s where our knowledge and experience come in. Working closely with your application experts, we’re able to support truly innovative developments.

For the more traditional applications, we can help newcomers in the start-up phase e.g. by contributing application knowledge.