An extreme makeover


halamid brandingThe looks of our packaging have definitely changed! After the new CLP regulation came into force on December 1, 2010, it was necessary to totally review the contents of our labels. This was also the occasion to change the ‘looks’. Following carefully the three product groups introduced in our website (Fine Chemicals, Plasticizers and Halamid®), our new labels are modern, clear, attractive and above all functional. Even if our products are not typically on the shelves of a trendy boutique, our design agency ZMO showed that labeling of chemical products can be functional and attractive at the same time!
ketjenflex cp brandingContent wise, much has changed for the so-called ‘classified’ products. We encourage you to download from our web site the latest version of the Material Safety Data sheets to see what this means for you. Most visible are the new symbols with their red border. Typically the number of symbols has increased. The H(azard) and P(recautionary) statements replace the old Risk and Safety phrases and here again, the number of phrases has increased. Some products, not earlier classified, did get a warning and a symbol based on the latest available data.