Axcentive opens office in Singapore

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Axcentive is a globally operating company with customers spread over all continents. We achieve to be close to our customers by working with local agents or distributors and by having a sales team that is traveling to reach out to customers all over the world. Being close to our markets is key. Our relation with Asia goes back a long … Read More

The Sulfonamide Rollercoaster – a cost insight


Plasticizers, like angels, come in many forms. During periods of feedstock turbulence and rapid cost realignment, this can make it difficult for formulators and procurement managers to follow what is going on and make the right decisions because plasticizers of different chemistries are differently affected and their cost adjusts by different amounts. One useful general indicator is the cost of … Read More

Ketjenflex® enables higher quality Laminates


Ketjenflex® 9S, a grade of specialty sulfonamide flexibilizer from France-based Axcentive, has long been known as an additive for melamine-resin formulations used in the manufacture of decorative laminates. A melamine resin manufacturer typically sources melamine (or an alternative amino resin) to polymerise with formaldehyde and various additives which enhance flexibility, toughness, flow, resin stability or just to cut cost. Reactions … Read More

Ketjenflex® gives lamination inks the edge


Recent testing has demonstrated that Ketjenflex® 8 greatly improves the adhesion of lamination inks to the substrate, says France-based Axcentive sarl. Sulfonamide-based specialty additives have been widely used in the inks industry for many years. Laminated film packaging systems consist of several layers of films, ink and adhesive. Commonly the ink is reverse printed on a transparent PET top layer, … Read More