AXCENTIVE is ready for ECS 2019.

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Smart and functional coatings for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges

Sol-gel and related technologies are emerging methods for making innovative coatings. Based on hybrids of sol-gel and polymer components the EXOCOAT™ range brings solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

Arno Schut, Axcentive’s Innovation Manager explains his views: “Axcentive’s EXOCOAT™ sol-gel technology addresses the desire to reduce maintenance costs of buildings and other structures by modifying surfaces to become anti-graffiti, easy to clean or even self-cleaning. We have technologies that replace toxic chemicals – such as chromium (VI) – used in anticorrosive conversion coatings or technologies that increase drivers’ vision and safety when used for windshields on cars.”

The opportunities with EXOCOAT™ sol-gel-technology are numerous and presented at a glance in below product matrix.

Know how

Axcentive has the technology and the know-how to assist applicators in their trials globally; we help formulators fine tune their products, with just one goal in mind: to contribute to their project for innovative surfaces.

Strong and reliable

Axcentive is not a start-up and has been working in the coating and related industries for almost twenty years now. We have a strong logistic set up, supplying our plasticizers and other additives to formulators worldwide.

Please take the opportunity and meet us in Hall 4, booth #154 to discover the newest sol-gel based products from our smart coatings portfolio.

Do not hesitate to contact us in order to receive a free invitation voucher. Send your demand to

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