Axcentive launches new website


Our new web site is live… has changed dramatically. The pastel colors of the old site have been traded in for a bright fresh look, completely in line with today’s fashion. Axcentive is present in a wide variety of markets and consequently has web visitors with every imaginable background. Making everybody feel “at home” is not always easy. This was the reason to create three markedly different environments behind the general pages. Three sections were created: Fine Chemicals, Plasticizers and Halamid®, our disinfectant. This underlines the desire to make sure you are on the right spot. Nothing is more frustrating, to ‘wander around’ without finding what you are looking for.

We thought carefully about user friendliness; the site is logical; you know ‘where’ you are at all times. Buttons are where you expect them to be. Designed for wide screen monitors you will appreciate that we kept in mind that you may not have that pleasure yet.

The site is clean, no-nonsense without unnecessary page-hopping or scrolling. Of course you can ask questions, request samples, download Product Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets (why do some companies put these behind login procedures?)

We hope you will appreciate the improvements we have made.