AXCENTIVE SARL ready for the future

Barbara JeanPress Release

Business processes within Axcentive evolve and our ERP software was – after more than 10 years – ready for a major overhaul.

Early 2016 we set up a project to acquire a new state-of-the-art ERP system that would both accompany as well as guide the team in fully embracing new business processes and technologies. Raquel Calabuig, Operations Manager with Axcentive was given the responsibility to lead the project to identify, select and implement a new ERP software. Ambitious objectives were defined, such as the desire to include innovation & development activities as well as a significant paper reduction and provide better mobility options for the itinerating staff.

In the end SAP came with the best total business proposal and during the first quarter of 2017, this SAP B1 has been implemented. From April 3rd, Axcentive’s processes run on SAP.

Raquel is happy with the implementation and what the software offers: “We had drafted an ambitious wish list in order to add value to the business. Concurrently with this, the team could see that there was a good return for the time and effort that every team member had to put into the project. The biggest team effort was in reviewing and documenting our business processes. Nobody could escape from that ! We are now working about two weeks on SAP. We are fully operational and around the Go-Live there have not been any major hick-ups threatening continuity, so for now we are satisfied and a great ‘merci’ should go to the Axcentive team.”

Hence our partners and customers should not notice much of this transfer at this stage. Within Axcentive Operations, we will gain efficiency allowing more time for Customer Care and Marketing campaigns. In R&D, Sales and Market development we expect faster and consistent follow up.