Biocidal Product Directive becomes BP Regulation


The EU REACH registration process is – considering its vast impact – running smoothly. Not so much can be said for the European process related to the registration of biocide products, formerly called the BPD. After significant investments in testing and compiling our files now already 6 years ago, there is still no sign of any official approval of the active ingredient in Halamid® and of many other biocide actives, let alone any final products. It is incomprehensible that when companies are obliged to significant expenses and honoring deadlines, relevant authorities are not able to deliver their part. It is therefore no surprise that this harmonization of biocide product registrations is given a new start, re-named Biocidal Products Regulation and given in the hands of ECHA who is also – successfully – managing the REACH project. In the short term more confusion all round, but with good hope this will relaunch the ship.