A great reputation by making a positive impact

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It is less than three years ago that Axcentive decided to join Ecovadis – a global partnership offering companies a structural benchmark approach to corporate social and environmental activities. In the meantime we are proud to have received the Gold Medal Award. With confidence I can state that our team has become addicted to the creative strive towards a positive … Read More

Axcentive is present at VIV Asia 2019

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Check out Halamid®: our powerful disinfectant for Livestock and Aquaculture. The difference with all other water treatment products in Aquaculture is this combination of great efficacy and low toxicity to fish and shrimp. Discover the effective way to keep your Poultry flock healthy using aerial disinfection during the rearing stage. Try out our innovative disinfectant to prevent diseases by treating … Read More

AXCENTIVE is ready for ECS 2019.

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Smart and functional coatings for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges Sol-gel and related technologies are emerging methods for making innovative coatings. Based on hybrids of sol-gel and polymer components the EXOCOAT™ range brings solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Arno Schut, Axcentive’s Innovation Manager explains his views: “Axcentive’s EXOCOAT™ sol-gel technology addresses the desire to reduce maintenance costs of buildings and … Read More

Corporate Social Responsibility: Axcentive is granted the Gold Medal by Ecovadis

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Since 2016 AXCENTIVE are engaged into a Corporate Social Responsibility program. After a first evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses, the decision was made to benchmark our current CSR behaviour by allying with the Ecovadis initiative. This collaborative platform originating from Europe has gone global since its establishment in 2007 and now counts over 35,000 customers in 120 countries and … Read More