EXOCOAT by Axcentive at ECS

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It was Axcentive’s first participation to the European Coating Show in Nuremberg and it immediately made an impressive splash in the coating market.

Already globally present for years with its Ketjenflex® additives (in inks, coatings and adhesive applications), Axcentive has taken a Smart direction by presenting its new EXOCOAT technologies.

Preceded by several years of thorough preparation, it was nevertheless a challenge to find a concept giving the right resonance with the market. It was a flagrant success, looking at the number visitors to our booth and the discussions with sometimes influential stake holders in the coating market.

EXOCOAT products add functionalities to coatings for amongst other the protective, automotive and coil coating markets thanks to various new technologies:

  • Our Organometallic Polymers provide hardness and hydrophobicity for easy to clean coatings
  • Photocatalytic nano-titanium oxide activates at very low light intensities and destroys dirt
  • Sol-Gel technology enables various functionalities such as anticorrosion or easy to clean
  • Nano spheres create a structure on the surface leading to superhydrophobocity with contact angles of more than 140°Exocoat

Paul van Lenthe, Executive Director also present at the ECS comments: Our very first booth at the ECS with a brand new range of products has turned out to be a big success! For three days, without interruption, our team from France and Singapore has been talking to interested formulators, applicators and distributors, some representing the big players. It’s been an exhaustive experience and we are grateful to see that our choice of technologies and the way in which these were presented gave so much positive feedback from the market. We are responding to real needs of professional formulators and that alone was perhaps the most important objective to achieve. Our next challenge is to follow up with all new contacts made and expand the number of partnerships with formulators, reaching the maximum coverage for our technologies. Also technology-wise developments continue, with the help of feedback from these partners. You will see the result at next year’s ECS !

ECS booth 2

ECS 1 ECS booth 1

Axcentive have developed state of the art technologies responding to professional needs. The EXOCOAT technology empowers formulators to address these needs.

No doubt that EXOCOAT by Axcentive has a brilliant future ahead.