Our fine chemicals are used as intermediates in synthesis, as catalyst in fine chemical production or as part of a liquid formulation.

p-Toluene sulfonamide

Para-toluene sulfonamide is a chemical building block for many different chemical processes.

Applications include:

  • Intermediate in pharmaceutical preparations
  • Component in fluorescent pigments
  • Isocyanide based water scavengers
  • Intermediate in dye stuffs
  • Brightener in nickel-plating formulations
  • Raw material in the manufacture of resins
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o-Toluene sulfonamide

Ortho-toluene sulfonamide is used primarily as a basic raw material for the production of saccharin. It can also be used as:

  • Intermediate in pharmaceutical preparations.
  • Brightener in nickel-plating formulations.
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p-Toluene sulfonic acid

p-Toluene sulfonic acid, monohydrate is used in various applications such as:

  • Acid catalyst in resins systems
  • Curing agent for melamine resins
  • Dehydration catalyst in esterification reactions
  • Chemical building block
  • Electroplating industry
  • Dye and pigment industry
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p-Toluene sulfonyl chloride

Para-toluene sulfo chloride is a chemical building block used in many different processes like:

  • Sulfonamide based pharmaceuticals
  • Sulfonamide based herbicides
  • Hydrazine based blowing agents
  • Isocyanide based water scavengers
  • Blocking agent ( to protect hydroxyl groups during reactions)
  • Amide production
  • Thermosetting resins (acid catalyst)
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Chloramine T – Tosyl chloramide sodium

Chloramine T is used as a mild oxidizer in various applications like:

  • Washing powder (as a bleaching agent)
  • Textile dyeing
  • Radio-labeling techniques
  • Reagent in analytical chemistry
  • Gas deodorization
  • Waste water deodorization
  • Textile bleaching
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Chloramine T Pharma Grade – Tosyl chloramide sodium

Chloramine T Pharma Grade is used as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient in various pharmaceutical formulations focused at eliminating micro organisms. Such pharmaceutical products prevent or cure various bacterial diseases for use with humans and animals. Each of these formulations has its own medicinal registration.

Chloramine T Pharma grade as such does not have its own medicinal registration. Chloramine T Pharma grade is produced following GMP rules and a DMF is available.

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