Halamid® at Aquaculture Asia / VIV Asia Bangkok, Thailand


aquatic asiaWe are happy to inform you that we will be present as exhibitor on the VIV Asia show from March 9 – 11 in Hall 02 stand A030. This time our theme is “Halamid® – your biocide in aquaculture” as particularly in this field, Halamid® has some important advantages over other biosecurity measures. The tolerance of fish and crustaceans against Halamid® is very good and while not leaving any residues this makes it the best product for application in contact with live fish and shrimps.

Halamid® – Chloramine T is well-known in fresh water (trout) farming where it has been applied for decades as a safe means against the pathogens causing Bacterial Gill Disease. This proven product is now also introduced in marine and brackish water farming. Halamid® has a broad efficacy spectrum. A low toxicity to fish and shrimps is also a prerequisite, avoiding any risks in the presence of animals.
A prolonged activity even in surface waters high in organic load allows for an extended protection. Halamid® fulfils these requirements and thereby contributes to a lower mortality and better welfare. Halamid® leaves virtually no residues (no MRL), hence use of Halamid® in agreement with the instructions, poses no risks in the food chain.

shrimpReplacing antibiotics.
Halamid® proved valuable in reducing mortality associated with larvae of Asian catfish (Pangasius hypophthalmus). Experiments showed unambiguously that Halamid® could replace the antibiotic oxytetracycline while yielding the same positive effect on survival rates and body weight.
Halamid® is recommended to replace antibiotics: its biocidal mode does not lead to bacterial resistance
Controlling all vectors.
All sources of contamination should be controlled. Halamid® is also safely applied in the disinfection of e.g. nauplii and artemia. Together with the use as a surface disinfectant for ponds, tanks and other equipment, Halamid® is the answer to full biosecurity in aquaculture.
Present at the stand will be our Technical Service Manager Jean de Barbeyrac, Mr. Michael Woo of ACSIL, our regional agent and Mr. Paul van Lenthe Director of Axcentive.
Please visit us at Aquaculture Asia – VIV Asia in Bangkok, Thailand from 9 – 11 March, Hall 02 (105), stand A030.