Ketjenflex® 12 in the market


ketjenfelx 12 imageThe first deliveries of Ketjenflex 12 to distributors and final users have taken place. Our citrate based plasticizer is now already being used in different applications, such as printing inks, PVC compounding and nail polish.

In PVC compounding, DOP (also known as DEHP) and DOA are the products mostly used. DOP belongs to the phthalate range and is not in use anymore for food contact applications. It is largely replaced by DOA (SML 18 ppm) and ATBC (SML 60 ppm). DOA was initially the product of choice while ATBC was the more expensive product. However due to its success and in combination with the high migration of DOA into fatty foods, the exposure of the public to DOA has reached its safe limits. Various authorities are now reconsidering the use of DOA in food-contact applications. This is why we strongly recommend ATBC (our Ketjenflex 12) alone or in combination with DOA for this application.

Essential points to remember: Ketjenflex 12 has the highest possible migration limit (60 ppm) underlining its safety; it has an excellent heat stability and good compatibility. Popular plastics applications are cling (food) film, toys, pacifiers and medical plastics.