Ketjenflex® 12 Replaces Phthalates in Egyptian Inks Market


ATC International Co. for Press Supplies is a leading company in the Egyptian inks market, supplying high quality nitrocellulose based inks for flexo and rotogravure processes onto films, foils, and paper. Their focus has always been on the consistent output of high-quality prints and they are dedicated to delivering the latest technologies. Perhaps this is why, when demanding customers in Egypt began to ask for an ecological formulation with international food contact approvals, ATC immediately listened and searched for a replacement to their previous phthalate based formulations. Following a rigorous trialling procedure, ATC eventually completely switched from DOP to Axcentive’s Ketjenflex® 12 for all their nitrocellulose inks.

Mrs Amany Tharwat of the Purchasing Department commented “The sustainability aspect was very important for us – and we also needed a plasticiser that would conform to Egyptian food contact regulations.

This is what the printing houses told us and this is what we set out to develop. Axcentive’s partially bio based Ketjenflex® 12 was a good fit in terms of safety, performance, and economy”.

Toby Heppenstall, General Manager of Axcentive, added “We are extremely pleased to become a valued supplier of ATC. At around 7 kilotons, the Egyptian inks market is regionally very important and still growing, and nitrocellulose remains an important resin which makes for an excellent fit for the Axcentive product range. Ketjenflex® 12, being partially bio based, is an ideal sustainable replacement for phthalates. Formulators like ATC who are enthusiastic and creative, are well placed to lead the industry in the Middle East in this direction.”