Ketjenflex® 12


toy phoneAxcentive – when it comes to sulfonamides – is the expert in Ketjenflex® sulfonamide plasticizers and is global market leader in these products. For the extension of our product range we have nevertheless shown an open-mind and listened to the market. Over the last year we have acquired the necessary know how to play a prominent role in the market of citrate based plasticizers. Upon careful consideration of the production technology, environmental and toxic behavior and plasticizing performance we concluded this is a technology with a bright future and complementary to our sulfonamide range. Our new product Ketjenflex® 12 (ATBC) is a high performance, safe, sustainable and affordable plasticizer for instance in food packaging inks, coatings, adhesives and toys where exposure could be a concern. Samples and commercial volumes are becoming available, so contact us if this new Axcentive plasticizer is of interest to you.

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