Ketjenflex® 8, tests confirming its multiple functionalities

Barbara JeanUncategorized

Ketjenflex® 8 is a renowned plasticizer for lamination inks (amongst other). However over the years customers have frequently reminded us that its functionality is much broader than that. “First see, then believe” and thus Axcentive decided to test Ketjenflex® 8 on adhesion bonding and some other aspects such as colour acceptance and heat stability.

Results from our testing program were unambiguous. The tensile strength test in reverse printed laminates using Ketjenflex® 8 as plasticizer lead to film tear, the film being weaker than the adhesive bond. With an alternative sebacate based plasticizer, the adhesive bond failed before the film did.

We also tested the solvation effect of Ketjenflex® 8 with various colorants. The colour compatibility of all colorants with the Ketjenflex® 8 based ink was high. Next to standard white and blacks inks, this was proven for cyan, magenta and yellow inks, the latter three frequently causing problems. Ketjenflex® 8 contributes to the proper dissolution of the colorant. This reduces the need for other dedicated additives.

Finally the reverse printed laminates were tested to show they can withstand retort (100-130oC). The results show that with Ketjenflex® 8 the ink formulator will be able to make high heat resistance inks.

Ketjenflex® 8 is not just a plasticizer, but rather a multi-purpose additive. For our current, loyal customers these results will not raise any eyebrows. They already knew. However we will use these results actively in talking to the many potential customers in Central Europe, Asia and Latin America who still consider Ketjenflex® an ordinary plasticizer for which its premium price is a stumbling block.