Ketjenflex® CP deserves an improved packing


ketjenflex cp bagAxcentive is introducing a new packaging for Ketjenflex CP. It is a delicate product as it is a hygroscopic corrosive product that cakes easily. Depending on the application, absence of impurities such as free acid and iron are of utmost importance. Often seen as a commodity, suppliers are typically not willing to invest in more advanced packaging.

Axcentive does bring the quality of its packaging for Ketjenflex CP to a higher standard. Competitive products are often packed in brown paper bags or so-called poly-woven bags. Ketjenflex CP will from now on be available in strong and hygienic plastic bags which are sealed. Printed in tune with the fresh new Axcentive image and all regulatory requirements, we are convinced that both product quality and image will be appealing to our customers.

Ketjenflex CP is also known by its generic names p-toluenesulfonic acid or tosylic acid. This white powder is an acid catalyst for various chemical reactions and for curing or cross linking of resins in the coatings and polymer industry.
Upon request, Axcentive can also supply Ketjenflex CP in cylindrical drums.