Questioning questionnaires


Some of you may remember the first issuing of ISO 9000 standards in 1987. One of its benefits was said to be a drastic reduction of audits and questionnaires in a bright world of mutual confidence … Although you could say that the effects of certification are positive, after 25 years of ISO certifications, it is clear that the number of questions and questionnaires did not decrease, all the contrary.

Of course in these 25 years, right-to-know initiatives, safety concerns and stricter regulations have also increased the needs for improved knowledge and enhanced communication. On average, Patrick Karpe, QHSE & RA manager within Axcentive is receiving ten questionnaires per month, ranging from a 1-page administrative form to a 20+ page detailed questionnaire dealing with all aspects of the business relation (administration, quality, production, regulation, transport, …). Surprisingly, every company is able to phrase and cluster the questions in a different way. Did you say standardization?

However, it is our pride and commitment to answer every questionnaire with the most updated and precise data coming from the relevant departments, for the benefit of adequate information to the downstream users. We sincerely hope our big efforts make our (small) contribution to a safer world.