Reaching the final lap


Like many chemical companies, Axcentive is actively involved in the preparation of the REACH dossiers for its whole product range. As market leader we have been elected Lead Registrant for 4 substances (PTSA, OTSA, Ketjenflex® 9S and PTSC), which implies final responsibility for the files, detailed reviews of existing data and careful decisions on testing proposals. To the benefit of all market players, we also prepare the risk assessment part and thus cover the safe use of these 4 substances. In order to come to manageable safety data sheets, we succeeded in limiting the number of exposure scenario’s and that is not always an easy job! There is also good progress on our BPD dossier for our universal disinfectant Halamid®. Taking into account the newly published exposure scenarios for a number of Product Types, we have updated the active substance dossier and submitted the modified chapters to the relevant authorities. We are expecting a positive decision soon.