Regulations, Registrations and Reach

Regulatory Service

Axcentive takes total responsibility for protecting the regulatory status of our products. With ongoing changes in the field, such as HPV in the US, BPR and REACH in Europe and GMP on both continents, we maximize the synergy of close cooperation with partners, where experts on safety, health, environment and regulatory affairs are -already for decades- familiar with our products.

We are unique in the fact that we have a substantial package of toxicology data available for our products which makes us optimally positioned to support our products for regulations such as BPR and REACH. You can rest assured that we will continue to comply with all relevant regulations.


It is our policy to comply with the most stringent regulations, and we therefore carefully follow the developments at ECHA (European Chemical Agency) to stay in line with the requirements the REACH regulation imposes on us.

Axcentive was the Lead Registrant for four of our products (PTSC, PTSA, OTSA and Ketjenflex® 9S).

Preparations for the June 2018 deadline on the remaining products of our portfolio are well underway.