EXOCOAT Products

EXOCOAT Technology for Smart and Functional Coatings
The EXOCOAT technology empowers formulators to address high performance demands as seen in protective, automotive and building and construction markets.


1 component room temperature cure organometallic resin.

EXOCOAT 143 is an organometallic resin capable of bonding to various substrates. It provides strong adhesion to steel, aluminium, glass and plastics like PMMA and ABS as well as to old coating layers.
EXOCOAT 143 can function as stand-alone resin at a layer thickness of 0.5 to 10 μm to form a durable finish that is easy to clean, very hydrophobic (contact angle >105o) and moreover very durable and heat resistant.

EXOCOAT 143 may be co-formulated with most frequently used coating ingredients from the group of pigments, fillers, resins, additives and (co-)solvents to obtain coloured, superhard or matt surfaces.

A key performance feature of EXOCOAT 143 based coatings is the anti-graffiti performance on non-porous substrates. Either graffiti paints do not stick or will be easily removable by high-pressure spray.

Main features EXOCOAT 143:

  • Very hydrophobic and oleophobic
  • Non-stick and repellent
  • Strong substrate bonding
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Heat temperature stable

EXOCOAT 143 based paints may be brushed, rolled or sprayed by HVLP or airless spray. The coatings may be ambient or force cured.

Main applications EXOCOAT 143:

  • Anti-graffiti coatings
  • Easy to clean protective coatings
  • Durable marine topcoats
  • Architectural coil coatings
  • Automotive topcoats
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2K, room temperature cure, hybrid sol-gel-technology for non stick coatings.

EXOCOAT AG-2 is a unique 2K solvent based sol-gel system (50% solids in IPA) that can be applied in coatings for metal, wood and concrete. It is usually applied in coatings at 10 to 15 μm dry film thickness to obtain a very hard and durable easy to clean surface. Such coating surface also functions well as a protective antigraffiti layer. EXOCOAT AG-2 may create extremely hydrophobic (contact angle: 110o) and oleophobic coatings with an extremely long lifetime.

Main features EXOCOAT AG-2:

  • Very hydrophobic and oleophobic
  • Non-stick and repellent
  • Abrasion-resistant

EXOCOAT AG-2 based paints may be brushed, rolled or sprayed by HVLP or airless spray. Mixing it with the appropriate crosslinker makes an ambient cure system.

Main applications EXOCOAT AG-2:

  • Anti-graffiti coatings
  • Easy to clean protective coatings
  • Automotive topcoats
  • Traffic sign coatings


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1K, Photocatalytic nano-titanium oxide in sol form.

The technology used in EXOCOAT 151 uses photocatalytic nanotechnology to render substrates self-cleaning. By adding a thin layer of EXOCOAT 151 the surface remains clean or white by means of radical breakdown of dirt. it can also be used as a hygienic coating to erase any microbial contamination.

The photocatalytic process can be tuned so that even on cloudy or rainy days the systems is active. In such case there is no need for direct sunlight.

Two products, same function.

EXOCOAT 151A features:

  • Water-based nano-TiO2 sol
  • Improved wetting feature low energy surfaces like plastics and coating layers
  • High efficiency
  • Quick drying under room temperature
  • Superhard particles (1GPa Vickers)
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EXOCOAT 151B features:

  • Water-based nano-TiO2 sol
  • High efficiency
  • Quick drying under room temperature
  • Superhard particles (1GPa Vickers)
  • Meant for porous substrates or overcoat over facade paints
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1K, superhydrophobic sol-gel based spheres for porous substrates

EXOCOAT SH is a unique 1K superhydrophobic sol-gel system that can be applied on concrete, pavement, wall, stucco, gypsum and wood to get the so-called Lotus Effect. The sol-gel system deposits as superhydrophobic particles on the porous substrate. EXOCOAT SH is principally not film forming, as a result, the substrate stays breathable. With the contact angle of maximum 145o water droplets bounce back from the surface and will roll down immediately upon touch. As a result, the wall remains dry, clean and will behave as an efficient barrier against water.

Dilution of the concentrate in water is recommended.

EXOCOAT SH features:

  • Superhydrophobic (CA: 145o)
  • Binds into porous substrates
  • Easy to apply by brush or spray
  • Easy to rework or dilute
  • Strongly water repellent
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1 component superhydrophobic and oleophobic sol-gel based spheres.

EXOCOAT AQ SEAL is a 1 component sol-gel based technology used as water expelling conformal coating for electronic hardware like phones, tablets, computers and portable audio systems. When sprayed it provides the inside of the apparatus with an invisible coating layer that possesses superhydrophobicity and oleophobicity that is able to make the hardware compliant to IPx7 water exclusion norms.

Main features and applications for EXOCOAT AQ SEAL:

  • Superhydrophobic (CAwater: 140o)
  • Very oleophobic (CAwater: 120o)
  • Temperature stable
  • for Conformal coatings
  • for Omniphobic coatings
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Chromium replacement, hybrid sol-gel-technology.

EXOCOAT® AC may be used as:
· 1 component force cure sol-gel based system
· 2 component room temperature cure sol-gel based system mixed with (3-Aminopropyl) triethoxysilane (APTES)

It is meant to be applied directly to metal (iron alloy, galvanized steel, phosphated steel, stainless steel and aluminium). Avoid use on cold rolled steel.
It converts metal hydroxide surface into a stable, inert covalently bound monolayer. The principle is to make interface inert by the use of EXOCOAT® AC. This is not only interesting for sol-gel
based anti-corrosion conversion coatings, but can also be used for micrometre-thin primers under conventional organic coatings. EXOCOAT® AC can be overcoated by various epoxy or polyurethane systems.
EXOCOAT® AC may omit the use of toxic chemicals and is applied as a replacement for Cr3+ and Cr6+ based systems.

Substrates for EXOCOAT AC:

  • Iron alloy
  • Galvanized steel
  • Phosphated steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium

Main features EXOCOAT AC:

  • Conversion coating
  • Hydrophobic
  • Overcoatable
  • Highly resistant to salt spray and QUV
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EXOCOAT Clearview-2

2 component room temperature cure transparent sol-gel-technology.

EXOCOAT Clearview-2 is a unique 2K solvent based sol-gel system that can be applied as a transparent coating for automotive windscreens, construction glass or bathroom doors. It can be applied as such or diluted, in coatings as a monolayer to obtain a very hard and durable hydro and oleophobic surface. It keeps windows clean from raindrops and improves the vision drastically, especially in difficult wet road conditions, which can be experienced day and night. In bathroom glass it makes the water run down fast and avoids water spots.

EXOCOAT Clearview-2 should be applied by wiping.

Main features EXOCOAT Clearview-2:

  • Very hydrophobic and oleophobic (120o)
  • 99.9% transparent
  • Non-stick and strongly water repellent
  • Strong substrate bonding
  • Abrasion resistant

Main applications EXOCOAT Clearview-2:

  • Wiper free automotive windowscreens
  • Bathroom doors
  • Office building glass
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