You can find here some technical content about our Smart Coatings range of products.

Have a look at some performance data of EXOCOAT® AC under corrosive stress

EXOCOAT AC Corrosion Tests

  • EXOCOAT 151

Nano-Titanium Oxide based Antimicrobial Coatings

Performance data of nano-titanium oxide as antimicrobial coating according to (ISO) international standards (…)

Nano-titatinium oxide anti-microbial

  • EXOCOAT 151A

Keeping the Surface Clean: EXOCOAT 151A

EXOCOAT 151A is a doped nano-titanium oxide sol with a strong photocatalytic performance (…)

Keeping the surface clean EXOCOAT 151A

  • EXOCOAT Clearview 2

Scrub Resistance EXOCOAT Clearview-2

A coating based on EXOCOAT Clearview-2 was evaluated on its scrub resistance according to ASTM D2486. EXOCOAT Clearview-2 was tested against a non-wax based market standard (…)

Scrub Resistance EXOCOAT Clearview 2

  • EXOCOAT 143

Non-stick resins for Easy to Clean and Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Axcentive has recently developed new non-stick resins for easy to clean (E2C) and anti-graffiti coatings. Coating based on these new resins show strong graffiti repellence (…)

EXOCOAT for E2C and Anti-graffiti coatings