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About us

Who we are

Dedicated to our unique product portfolio

AXCENTIVE – the outcome of a Management Buy-Out of Akzo Nobel – is a SME located in the South of France and Singapore with a global footprint. Axcentive provides specialty and innovative products based on unique chemistries.We have extensive knowledge about production technology, applications and marketing. We keep and continuously expand our toxicological data and registrations and supply our products worldwide under the Halamid®, KETJENFLEX® and EXOCOAT™ brand name.

We are a long-established business that started in Amsterdam in 1835 with the construction of a sulfuric acid plant. Since then, numerous Sulfo products have been developed, including the raw materials for our current portfolio of fine chemicals and specialty additives KETJENFLEX®.

More recently in cooperation with partners we have introduced the EXOCOAT™ range focused on smart and functional coatings market.

Changes in markets and production technology have shaped the contours of our current product range and manufacturing locations. We are responsive and developing with our market which is reflected in our product portfolio.

Where we are different

Product ownership

Customers benefit from our Product Ownership principle, through full service global supply of high-performance chemical products. From raw materials, manufacturing technology, product stewardship and compliance (REACH, K-REACH, BPR, FDA, HPV,…), to logistics, sales and technical service, we remain committed to the highest standards of Product Ownership.

AXCENTIVE’s technology and manufacturing support guarantee consistent high-quality chemicals for which we establish, check and improve specifications in line with market requirements. Our main production partners are the least ISO 9001.

Our partners can fully rely on our experienced team for their needs. We focus on our customers’ requirements to drive progress in all facets of our business and reliably provide innovative solutions in vibrant global market.

The importance

of adding value

Partnership in business is about people

‘Axcentive people are pragmatic, reliable and have strong integrity. They look for the same in partnerships with other stakeholders’

A business is about serving customers optimally

‘The size of Axcentive makes customers visible for everybody in the organization. We are responsive, innovative and target oriented when it concerns serving customers’

Unique products need a committed supplier

‘You won’t easily find our products somewhere else; Axcentive is devoted to providing supply-chain continuity and know-how’