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Amino/Phenol resins


Amino/Phenol resins

Resins made from melamine, phenol and formaldehyde are used to make laminates and molding compounds.

KETJENFLEX® 9S is used as reactive and internal flexibilizer for melamine formaldehyde resins for laminate applications such as:

  • Kitchen surfaces
  • Trims and cladding
  • Floor parts
  • Office desks

Melamine formaldehyde resins for high pressure laminates may be internally modified with KETJENFLEX® 9S to become post formable, an important property for kitchen surfaces, doors and wall cladding. Moreover KETJENFLEX® 9S provides better water resistance and resin flow.

Compatible systems:

  • Melamine formaldehyde resins
  • Phenol formaldehyde resins
PDS Ketjenflex® 9S