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The technologies used in Axcentive’s product line are based on sulfonamide derivatives and biodegradable chemistry.


Biodegradable Plasticizers

Fine Chemical Derivatives

Highly polar plasticizers

Toluene sulfonamides are known for there extreme polarity and high dielectric constant. They are extremely effective plasticizers for highly polar polymers and therefore suited for:

Polyamide 6, Polyamide 6,6, Polyamide 11 and 12 can be plasticized by this technology both in the synthesis of the polymer as well as in the compounding phase.

Plasticization and adhesion promotion of combinations of nitrocellulose with or without polyurethane resins for packaging inks

Melamine resins
Internal (reactive) plasticizer for melamine formaldehyde resins as for example used in flooring, kitchen toppings and office desks.

In all cases sulfonamides are used they tend to improve aesthetics, deepen colours and give a more natural look to the material.

Replacement for phthalates

Our citrate-based plasticizers are partly plant based, effect phthalate replacers in various applications like in PVC, various vinyl based formulations, plastisols, cellulose acetate and butyrate polymers.

Citrate based esters such as ATBC (acetyl tri butyl citrate) can be used in acrylic based pharmaceutical polymers, cyanoacrylate based medical adhesives and childerens toys due to their very favorable toxicological profile, FDA and EU food and medical appovals.

The citrate based products are liquid and have a high boiling point (No-VOC) and are practically odour less.

Specification chemicals for pharma and fine chemicals

Other products based on the sulfonamide process are para toluene sulfonyl chloride, used as intermediate in pharma and fine chemicals, and tosyl chloramide sodium which is available as pharma grade. They are used as disinfectant in various applications.

Our para toluene sulfonic acid is crystallized into highly pure crystals which are used a catalyst in many reactions, as for example:
• Epoxy resins
• Acid cured amino resins for wood coatings
• Curing of melamine resins
• Stabilizer for isocyanate prepolymers
• Catalyst for fine chemical reactions
• Electroplating

Technical Documentation


General Overview

Melamine Formaldehyde Resins

Crack free laminate with the use of KETJENFLEX® 9S

KETJENFLEX® 8 in Lamination inks

Improved ink adhesion to PET and BOPP


General Overview