The adhesive sector has been an important domain for Axcentive for nearly 40 years. KETJENFLEX® products are used in PVAC white glues, cyano-acrylic based superglues and many types of hotmelt adhesives.


In hotmelt adhesives the KETJENFLEX® technology provides good resistance against chemical solvents, resistance against hot washing machines and brings excellent flexiblity to the system. Our products lower the melting point while improving strength, toughness and adhesion. As such they are used in:

  • Hotmelts for transportation
  • Hotmelts for textile
  • Hotmelts for paper binding industry
Compatible Systems
  • EVA hotmelts
  • Polyester hotmelts
  • Polyurethane hotmelts
  • Polyamide hotmelts
  • Rosin esters
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Heatseal Lacquers

In the packaging industry KETJENFLEX® 8 is used as adhesion promotor in vinyl resin based heatseal lacquers for yoghurt cups, cheese packaging and pharmaceutical blister packs.

Compatible Systems
  • Vinyl Resins
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White Glues

Wood and paperglues made from polyvinyl acetates can typically be plasticized with our KETJENFLEX® range to obtain more adhesive strength, faster setting times and less water sensitivity

Compatible Systems
  • PVAC
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Instant Glues

Instant glues based on cyanoacrylates are known to cure extremely fast and can become very brittle. The use of KETJENFLEX® 12 inside a cyanoacrylate formulation will soften the film and will enhance flexibility. KETJENFLEX® 12 is not reactive towards the resin.

Compatible Systems
  • Cyanoacrylate
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