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Our products are most commonly used in packaging inks, notably in inks for flexible packaging, corrugated board, narrow web and wide web. Often the performance of these inks can be enhanced using the KETJENFLEX® range products. The KETJENFLEX® range is especially known to bring adhesion promotion, flexibility and gloss.

Our products play an important role in inks for « multiwall packaging systems » in which multiple layers of plastic film are brought together via lamination. Inks reversely printed on protective laminate show strong film adhesion when formulated with small amounts of our KETJENFLEX® product range.

Compatible systems:

  • Nitrocellulose
  • Nitrocellulose / polyurethane mixtures
  • Nitrocellulose / polyamide mixtures
PDS Ketjenflex® 8
PDS Ketjenflex® 12